The Conception Bay South Main Street Business Improvement Association is an association of business people within the 3 km area along Route 60 from Manuels River to Terminal Road who have come together to mutually support business activity. The association is run by a Board of Management that provides business promotion and improvement functions as outlined in the Main Street Improvement Plan.

The Board shares the vision of Main Street that sees the establishment of the area as a distinct urban district within Conception Bay South. With a safe and attractive streetscape, interesting and accessible public spaces, and a diverse mix of shops, services and housing, Main Street will be a significant core of a thriving local business community and an exciting destination for local residents and visitors alike.

The Conception Bay South Main Street Business Improvement Regulation was adopted by Council on December 16, 2014. A levy of 10% of a business’ assessed business tax will be applied to businesses operating within the Business Improvement Area. The Conception Bay South Main Street Improvement Plan builds upon ideas and proposals from previous plans, identifies new opportunities, and makes best use of existing infrastructure in design solutions. Strategies are recommended for improvement in the following areas: branding Main Street, pedestrian realm, wayfinding and signage, vehicular circulation, streetscaping, development character and business organization.